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My Aunt Used to be a Planner....

As a Wedding and Event Planner we hear this far too often when we meet with potential clients. Now don't get us wrong, we think that is amazing to have someone in your life that has been or is an event planner! They can offer you lots of advice, and are a great resource. However, on the day of the wedding are they going to set your tables and chairs, light the candles for cocktail hour during the I do's, move décor from the ceremony to the reception, and jump in a golf cart to get all your gifts/personal items put away while dinner is being enjoyed??

That is just a glimpse into all the little details, transitions and important things that take place behind the scenes on a wedding day! So keep in mind that having family and friends help you plan the wedding day can make the process a lot more enjoyable, but on the wedding day you want them to be able to enjoy all that planning not be put to work. Our Wedding Management Package allows you and your family to plan your perfect day, then pass it off to professionals who can execute it. We are the ones who not only execute your vision, but also problem solve as hiccups arise on the day of. And trust us, hiccups will occur no matter how much planning you did!

We typically meet with Wedding Management clients 4 to 6 weeks out from the wedding day. We walk-through your complete vision for the day, and create a detailed timeline to make sure all your special moments take place.

Prior to this meeting, we give all our clients access to a wedding planning software called Aisle Planner. This platform guides your planning, as well as gives you a place to keep all your wedding items in one spot!

Now when it comes to planning, even if you do have that family support, you may want to think about having some additional outside resources. Someone that isn't bias, isn't involved in any potential family drama, and/or someone who has worked over a hundred weddings in the treasure valley. Our team of planners is here to support your planning, but also offer you real and honest suggestions. We want to help create the wedding of your dreams, and help you understand that Pinterest is unfortunately not always showing realistic and/or images that fit in your budget.

We do also have clients who have wonderful family member, but they come with big personalities and big opinions. Sometimes that can be your family, or it may be your new family that you are marrying into. So we get to be that third party that is here to ensure you and your fiancés vision is what is coming to life, not your families.

It can be a tricky and sometimes hard conversation to have with families/friends who truly love you so much, but we are right by your side helping to facilitate those conversations! Our main goal is to not only to make you and your fiancé happy, but to also remind and guide your family to support you in the ways you two need. Your aunts, uncles, mom, dad, grandpas, and grandmas are all very important to you and also to us! So we want us all to work as a team to find the perfect route to bring your day to life!

Now whether you need a little support with planning, full support, or just an amazing team to execute your day, we would love to meet you!

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