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A Romantic Wedding in the Mountains of Idaho

Pat and Becca met on Bumble, and on their first day they quickly discovered they had gone to the same high school, knew the same circle of people and even had siblings who had graduated together! It truly felt like it was meant to be, and they were the perfect match!

When it was time to propose Pat took Beca back to their second date spot on the Boise River. The path had changed quite a bit, so they ended up wading through chest deep water to get to our favorite spot! It was the perfect proposal!

Now when it came to planning the wedding the little details and meaningful moments meant a lot to Becca! It was important for her that they had special moments to share with all their family and friends throughout the day! She wanted it to be a romantic day that was well thought out, allowing it to feel very personal to who they were and who they loved! Getting married in the McCall was also a must for these two. They love being in the mountains and outdoors, so McCall has become their happy place! It is where they escape, relax and reconnect, so picking the Shore Lodge was a no brainer! I mean have you seen the views from up there?!

As Becca and Pat reflected on their big day, a moment they really stood out to them was their first touch! They decided to read their vows privately to each other, but not actually see each other prior to the ceremony. Becca stated, "It was such a special moment just the two of us, and I wouldn't have done it any other way."

They also offered a little bit of advice for couples currently planning their wedding day, "Do what makes you happy for your big day! You can't please everyone, so you might as well enjoy it. And no one tells you, but all the planning IS WORTH IT. When you get to your wedding day and you're surrounded by all your favorite people, you'll be so glad you did it all!"

Vendor List:

Venue- Shore Lodge

Coordinator- Capital Occasions

Photographer- Peyton Lind Photography

DJ- Lake Tree Entertainment

Florals- Wildflower

Caterer- Venue

Makeup- Makeup by Morgan Dyer

Bar- Venue

Dress- Kate's Bridal Cottage


Decor Rentals- Flying China & Little Gem Details

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