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You NEED To Hire an actual Wedding DJ

We have many conversations with clients about hiring a DJ for their wedding. We have heard things like, "We are going to have a buddy do it," "We are going to save the money and just have a playlist," " We know a guy who DJs parties all the time, so we are going to hire him."

We want to STRONGLY advise you to reconsider and actually hire a WEDDING DJ.

Why you ask? We have MANY reasons, but here are the big ones:

  1. Your DJ is the MC of your wedding! We have had many DJs at weddings who have played at events or parties before, but they are not comfortable talking on a mic. Your DJ is the one who directs your guests on where to go, what to do next, and most importantly, when to eat! Having someone who isn't comfortable on a mic or doesn't know what to say for all the transitions throughout the day, will make things very awkward and confusing for your guests.

  2. Wedding DJs also know how weddings flow. They understand when to play certain music, how to transition songs in and out for things like walking down the aisle, and they know what items come next on the wedding timeline. We promise, this is very important!

To help couples better understand what it's like working with a professional Wedding DJ, we asked one of our preferred DJs to give us some insight on what he does and what it looks like working with him!

DJ Jesse D has been a wedding DJ for 5 years! His style is engaging, refreshing, authentic and exciting! He loves to be a part of the future nostalgia moments when folks year after year say to themselves, their partner or their friends, "Wow! That night was so incredible!"

When you first reach out to Jesse, he will schedule your initial consultation. He says, "It's so important to me to learn about the couples love story, who they are individually and what's most important to them in their lives and for their wedding day." He has pricing prepped and ready before most initial consultations, and by the end of your chat any adjustments are made with a contract sent out before you leave!

To book Jesse, you will sign the contract and pay a retainer deposit. Jesse uses DJ Event Planner to connect couples to their invoice or payment portal, as well as to their client portal. After he is booked, you will meet around 3 to 5 months before your wedding day, so you have plenty of time to work on client portal homework items and have a clear view of what your timeline for the day will look like.

On wedding day, he arrives around 2.5 hours prior to ceremony time to set up, and ensure he has buffer time for any possible changes and is able to check-in with vendors and the couple. Total time Jesse puts into each couple's wedding is around 24 hours, with 14 hours of that put in on wedding day! This includes the two 1-hour meetups you have, backend music prep, portal prep, answering questions, adjusting timelines and final check-ins.

When asked to give advice on hiring a Wedding DJ, Jesse said: "Hiring a great DJ is one thing but ensure that your DJ is also an MC (Master of Ceremonies). This will guarantee that you will have a figure to hold the day together via the timeline created and the adjustments needed for any changes that are bound to come up. Also... ask your potential DJ if they mix live. If the answer is anything but examples on how they mix live, perhaps meet with another tentative option."

And when asked to share one thing he wished more couples knew when it comes to weddings and what he does: "The day is put together via your vendor team. The decor (floral included) and planning teams ensure all things are in place. Photography and video teams capture each moment and memory happening in those places. The DJ/MC's create or implement the soundtrack and the direction for the entirety of the day, including ceremony, grand entrance etc. and of course the big moments on the dance floor. Each vendor plays a key role in your day!"

If you want to connect with DJ Jesse D to see if he is good fit for your big day? Feel free to reach out to him via email:

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