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To Hire a Wedding DJ or To Hire a Wedding DJ

We have had many conversations with clients about hiring a DJ for their wedding. We have heard things like, "We are going to have a buddy do it," "We are going to save the money and just have a playlist," " We know a guy who DJs parties all the time, so we are going to hire him."

We want to STRONGLY advise you to reconsider and actually hire a Wedding DJ.

Why you ask? We have MANY reasons, here are a few!

  1. Your DJ doesn't just play music, they help with ALL transitions throughout your wedding. They direct your guests on where to go, what to do next, and most importantly, when to eat!

  2. Your DJ is the MC of your wedding! We have had many friends of clients and/or regular DJs at weddings who have DJ-ed events or parties before, that are not comfortable talking on a mic. So if that is the case: Who is going to direct the guests to the reception from the cocktail hour? Who is going to ask the questions during the shoe game? Who is going to announce you for the first time as a married couple into your reception? Having someone who isn't comfortable on a mic or doesn't know what to say for all the transitions throughout the day, can make things very awkward and difficult. Trust us!

  3. Wedding DJs also know how weddings flow. They understand when to play certain music, how to transition songs in and out for things like walking down the aisle, and they know what items come next on the wedding timeline. We promise, this is very important!

Still aren't convinced?

Well here are some words of wisdom from some of our

favorite Wedding DJs:

Eric Rhodes with Rhodes Entertainment

Photos by Cimbalik Photography

Cover photo by Blythe Weddings

"You are probably spending a lot of time, money and effort on planning this once-in-a-lifetime event. Find someone who cares about the success of your wedding just as much as you do. They should be creative and thoughtful in the way they curate playlists for your wedding day. They should also be comfortable on a microphone and know how to engage your guests in a fun and professional way."

"Also, keep in mind that a good DJ can make a wedding, a bad DJ can break a wedding, and a great DJ can make your wedding better than you imagined. Even if you're on a tight budget, at least find someone who can manage the music and keep the flow of the wedding going. This person will play an important role in the success of your event."

For more information about Eric check out

Sound Wave Events

Photos by E&E Photography and Maggie Grace Photography

Some of our favorite reasons for investing in a wedding DJ are:

1) Peace of mind: Professional wedding DJs are working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your day is going smoothly. They partner with other vendors to ensure timelines are honored, last minute changes are easily weathered, and your party feels how you hoped it would.

2) Quality Equipment: Top of the line equipment that is run by techs who know how to use/troubleshoot it means quality entertainment. Even if music isn't the top priority for a wedding (and that's ok!), it still has a profound impact on the atmosphere of the party. When things sound amazing, you might not necessarily notice, but you absolutely will notice lower quality sound.

3) Trained Staff: Not only do professional DJs put hours and hours of work into events (from consultations, to music prep and research, setting up and tearing down, travel, and equipment maintenance, etc.), but they also put hours into training. In addition to their initial training process, they are continually honing their skills, updating their knowledge of music and equipment, and perfecting that powerful emcee voice.

And finally,

4) A personalized party that both clients and guests enjoy: Our DJs are trained to read crowds and mix playlists specific to that group. They engage guests, encouraging people of all ages to have fun on the dance floor. They are a huge part of setting the stage for a fantastically memorable evening.

"As far as picking out a DJ goes - definitely check out reviews and take advantage of an in-person consult! It's a fantastic way to get a feel for the company and staff. You should be looking for professional DJs who have high quality equipment, the ability to connect with people, and who value ongoing training."

For more information about Sound Wave check out

DJ Dave's Mobile Disc Jockey

"I believe choosing a DJ has a critical impact on the success of a wedding. A great DJ will not only play music, but they are also intimately involved in the scope and sequence of events. A great wedding DJ should also be a great MC (Master of Ceremonies) making all the important announcements and help transition from one event to another. There can be some powerful moments that can happen at a wedding and a great DJ/MC will foster those special moments that move people to tears or laughter."

Tips to Hiring a great DJ

  1. Interview the DJ that will provide service on the day of your wedding. Make sure they are a good fit. We extend this invitation to all our clients before booking.

  2. Your reputation will proceed you. Read online reviews and talk to other vendors/venue management who have worked with a particular DJ your considering hiring.

  3. Ask for any video that represents their work from past events.

"I've always liked this article and send it to potential clients that are considering hiring a "Friend" for their wedding. DJs that do weddings for a living are invested in the success of their clients because their reputation is at stake. Future opportunities are the consequence of good performances."

Why DJ Dave's?

"Ultimately, it’s people who make the difference. Our DJ’s will entertain, motivate, and energize your guests. We know how to interact in just the right way to make everyone feel comfortable. We strike a balance between elegance and fun without the cheese. We are experienced professionals who will make your celebration better!"

For more information about Dave check out

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