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RedBar Photography

Meet Taylor!

Taylor is the beautiful face behind the camera, and is a wedding photographer

right here in Boise, Idaho!

Taylor has been a wedding photographer since 2017, and has also been molding the mind of young photographers as a photography teacher at Eagle High for the past few years!.

If you are looking for a photographer who is going to make you laugh, feel 1000% comfortable and make you love every photo taken of you, then you need to hire RedBar!

Taylor's style is very colorful and vibrant! She loves a good photo adventure in the mountains and her favorite time of day to shoot is golden hour!

Just look at these pictures, GORGEOUS!

Wedding Photography Package Details:

6 hours $1,675

8 hours $1,900

8 hours $2,200

Contact RedBar today!

Instragram: redbarphotography


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