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Venues of the Treasure Valley

Updated: May 29, 2020

There are over 30 spectacular wedding venues in the Treasure Valley. Ranging from outdoor country to indoor luxury. As a team we have reached out to a handful of these venues to explore their space, get to know each owner and ask the questions that you as a potential client would need to know.

How to pick a venue?

First you need to think about the time of year you are getting married, and ask yourself do you want indoor, outdoor or both? There are many venues that provide a variety of options and it's okay to explore them all! Once you have decided on that you need to decide what your budget is for a venue. Prices for venues in the valley can range from $1,100 to $20,000. That is a huge range! Which is great because it allows you to find one that fits your budget perfectly and it also gives you a wide variety! Prices for a venue can differ depending on size of the venue, size of your wedding, time of year and what extra perks they are able to provide (some have tables, chairs, lines, dance floor, decor etc., all included in their price).

Next Steps?

Over the next month we will be blogging about different venues we have met with to provide you with all the wonderful details! So stay tuned and allow us to help you find the Wedding Venue of your dreams!

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