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Down by the River

Right off State Street in Star, Idaho you'll find a long, beautiful tree lined driveway leading you to a spectacular outdoor venue right on the river. It has enough space on the beautiful lawn to have a ceremony with 800 plus guests, along with parking spots for all those guests and lighting strung in the trees to light up the night!

A large rock fountain sits at the entrance, and plugins can be found for vendors to use.

They also have a permanent dance floor under the trees and beautiful views of the river along the entire venue space. Now being on the river can cause concern with the our little friend the mosquito, however the owner fogs the space prior to every event to help reduce them! The owner also provides a fancy port-a-potty for each event!

On the space is the owners amazing house, which no one is permitted inside the main house, but attached to the house is space for both the bride and groom. The grooms space includes a good size bedroom and full bath. Then upstairs above the garage is the bridal suite with windows overlooking the venue, counter space for snakes with a sink, and a private full bath! This venue costs a total of $3000 to rent, which includes all that was stated above and full access to the space all day!

White Willow Estates

21817 Blessenger Rd, Star, ID 83669

(208) 941-4031

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