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A Magical Winter Wedding in Sun Valley: John and Annie's Love Story

As a wedding planner, every couple I work with brings a unique story and vision for their special day. John and Annie were no exception. Their journey began on Hinge, and their love blossomed over three beautiful years. Their engagement was storybook perfect—John proposed on a nature trail they visited on their third date. The romance of their story set the tone for their elegant winter wedding at the Sun Valley Club in Sun Valley, Idaho.

When it came to planning their wedding, John and Annie had clear priorities: knowing everyone in attendance, having fantastic music, hosting multiple events throughout the weekend, and embracing a stress-free approach. They wanted to focus on making memories and celebrating their love without getting bogged down by the small details.

The venue, the stunning Sun Valley Club, was a natural choice for them. Its gorgeous setting and ability to meet all their needs made it a no-brainer. They dreamed of a winter wedding with sunny skies, and by waiting until after daylight savings, they achieved just that.

Their wedding day was a true testament to their love and careful planning. The best part for them was having all their loved ones in one place, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Seeing friends and family from different parts of their lives come together was incredibly special.

As with any wedding, there were lessons learned. Annie mentioned wishing she had brought something comfier to change into after her beautiful but somewhat uncomfortable dress caused a stomach ache, preventing her from dancing as much as she wanted. A reminder for future brides: always have a contingency plan for comfort.

One of the highlights for me as their planner was the attention to detail and personal touches. They chose custom M&Ms as wedding favors, adding a sweet and personal element to their celebration. It’s these little touches that make a wedding truly unique and memorable. For other couples embarking on their wedding planning journey, John and Annie have sage advice: "It's only stressful if you make it stressful." Enjoy the process, focus on what matters, and remember that the day is about your love and the memories you'll create with your guests.

John and Annie's wedding was a beautiful, elegant celebration of their love. It was an honor to bring their vision to life and be part of their journey. As I reflect on their wedding, I am filled with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to create such a magical day for such a wonderful couple.

Planner: @capitaloccasions

Photos: @maggiegracephoto

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